GaeaOÜ opens Gaea Asia Pacific (APAC) office in Seoul, South Korea

We are glad to now announce that GaeaOÜ  has opened  a Gaea Asia Pacific (APAC) office ( in Seoul, South Korea on June, 2021.

Gaea APAC Inc. was founded by Nigel G Goodman, CEO at GaeaOÜ and Dr. Charles JH Kim and currently they are conducting a Phase1  Head & Neck cancer study in Korea and preparing and consulting  for a Korean client’s MRCTC project.

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Asia region is an emerging pharmaceutical market, also well known for the dynamic nature of its potential market size and rapid growth.

Most of CROs open a branch office in Singapore but Gaea opened  in Seoul, S. Korea due to the growing multinational clinical trial (2016-2018, CAGR: 1.4%) high technology hospitals and S. Korean Government support.

It’s getting hard to  conduct  traditional clinical trials due to the repeated lock-downs from COVID-19 but Korea still has  good patient recruitment, protocol compliance and a  fast regulatory review – approval system.

Korean FDA (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, MFDS) can review and accept the clinical trials material written in English.  So when considering to conduct  a MRCT,  Korea is a  key region.

Gaea APAC will expand coverage  in the  South-East Asia region (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.) after stabilization of the  COVID-19 situation.

Are you planning a  multinational clinical trial and wish to include Korea?

We always open to support you with  good timelines –  and quality in drug and device clinical trials.

Dr. Charles JH Kim / 김 준 형

Respective Representative Director, Co-founder at Gaea APAC Inc.

2F 21, Teheran-ro 128, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (zip.06234) 

M. +82 10 3661 7320  Office. +82 70 4506 9110  Fax. +82 303 3442 0911

email: [email protected]